Dedication of our 200th and 201st homes, today on Beach Street!

cake habitat

Habitat CFC held a Double Dedication Ceremony for the Hershiser and Hanson families today on Beach Street. The homes are located next door to each other.  At this dedication we celebrated reaching our 200th house milestone and look to the future as we dedicate our 200th and 201st homes for two hardworking low-income families in Bridgeport.

It was a lovely afternoon with the sun literally streaming in and the room filled with well wishes and wonderful positive energy! It was an honor to open the dedication with inspiring words by John Olson, the co-founder of Habitat CFC in 1985.

The message to Habitat CFC was keep on building… the Mayor said we should hit 400 houses soon and Michelle Hanson, the 201st homeowner, said it best, “I’m here to help you …just keep going …well beyond 400…just keep building!”

Sponsors Lily Lopez of Citi Foundation, Heather Raker of Sound Coalition and Randy Abrams of Community Bridgebuilders shared their thoughts along with the Hershiser and Hanson families, then the cake was cut and cider served! Thanks to everyone who made this special day so special!

Photos on our facebook page!


Habitat Homeowner Dale Shaw in this Month’s Habitat World!

The December issue of Habitat World (Habitat International’s monthly print magazine) is out. Habitat CFC homeowner, Dale Shaw, has been included in the article, “From shade to shelter” read the online version here.

Women Build Gourmet Tasting Event was a huge success!!

We are proud to announce the success of our 7th Annual Women Build Gourmet Tasting event held on Thursday, October 29th at Aitoro Appliances. Thank you to all of our friends and supporters who helped cultivate a wonderful event and who share our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


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For more photos on our Women Build Aitoro event visit our Facebook page!

Photo credit: Lillian Ankrah