Giving Day This Thursday!


Giving back to your community is an empowering action that takes time, energy, and patience. With our busy schedules it’s hard to find time to devote to giving back, but here is an easy way…

Giving Day, presented by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation (with lead sponsor Bank of America), is a unique, 24-hour event scheduled for Thursday, March 5th. Giving Day is an internet based, Donation Drive (Giving Day Donation Page), and is the county’s biggest philanthropic event that raises awareness of the important work and impact of the local nonprofit sector. The goal of Giving Day is to increase local philanthropy by funding local nonprofit organizations, which in turn helps build up the community. Donating to this event is a valuable opportunity to help the surrounding areas grow and prosper.

Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County (Habitat CFC) is proud to be a participant in this year’s Giving Day. Please help Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and Habitat CFC increase awareness of this great event! If you feel passionately about helping out your community and giving back in a rewarding way, go to and make a donation of $10 or more! Habitat CFC appreciates your time and we look forward to working with you in the future!

On March 5th,Don’t forget to return to throughout the day to check out the Leader board and see how much your favorite nonprofits are raising!