The Todd Family

Future Homeowners: Habitat for Heroes

Army Veteran Amodi Todd can’t wait to reunite her family of six under one roof when she and her husband, Ricke, become Habitat homeowners. They feel especially blessed to have this opportunity after the challenges of the last few years.

When Amodi returned to Bridgeport after becoming a Combat Medic (EMT/LPN) during her 8 years of service in the Army, her son Patrick was 5 years old and she was eager to continue her education to provide a good future for him.  She enrolled at the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing where she became a Registered Nurse.  She also met the man of her dreams, Ricke Todd, a true gentleman who shared her faith as well as her love of music and poetry.

When Amodi and Ricke married in 2011, they began working toward becoming homeowners, renting a house with option to buy, while Amodi worked two different nursing jobs.  At the same time, Ricke was also working two jobs.  Their family of six included Amodi’s son, Patrick, and their new baby boy, Yeshua, as well as son Tafari and daughter Ashley who were staying with their aunt until the family was more settled.

Then one night in the spring of 2012, Ricke was involved in a serious car accident on I-95 as he was coming home from work. The doctors told Amodi that Ricke’s brain injury was severe, there was nothing that could be done — he would never awaken and rejoin her at home.  Ricke remained in a coma with Amodi at his bedside as much as possible.

At the same time, with Ricke in the hospital, it was impossible to afford the home they had been renting and Amodi was on the verge of becoming homeless with their two children when Staff Sergeant Juliet Taylor, our first Veterans Build homeowner, encouraged Amodi to apply to Habitat.

Nearly three months after the accident, Amodi saw signs that Ricke was coming out of the coma but he remained in the ICU and the doctors were still pessimistic.  Meanwhile, Amodi continued to visit with Ricke daily and pray for his recovery as she and their children stayed with friends to avoid becoming homeless.  Then one day Ricke spoke to Amodi and began his recovery process, defying the odds and the doctors’ predictions by awakening from the coma.

After continuing to recover, Ricke moved to a rehabilitation facility in the fall of 2013.  Amodi and the boys have moved to a nearby apartment so they can spend as much time as possible with Ricke between Amodi’s shifts at the VA Hospital in West Haven.  Amodi feels blessed to be able to spend time with Ricke and see him getting better but the two bedroom apartment she rents is very expensive and too small for their family of six.

Ricke’s recovery will be a long road and while he is now able to take a few steps, it is impossible to predict exactly how it will progress.  An accessible home built by Habitat CFC volunteers and donors as our second Veterans Build project will enable the Todd family to be together under one roof in a good setting for Ricke’s continued recovery.

In the meantime, Patrick is now in 8th grade and plays football as a first string running back while Yeshua, always Ricke’s little sidekick, has started preschool and can’t wait to have his daddy back home in May if all goes as planned.  Tafari (8) and Ashley (6) will return this summer from their aunt’s home and finally be reunited with the family.

As for Amodi, she never thought she would become a nurse when she enlisted but can’t imagine how she would have handled the last few years without being able to ask the right medical questions while praying for a miracle.  She can’t wait to work with Habitat’s volunteers to make the homeownership dreams she’s shared with Ricke finally become a reality, providing an accessible and affordable home where they can settle into the everyday family life that has been put on hold since the accident.  She is most grateful to all who will help her achieve this secure future for her family and be a part of her blessing.