Habitat CFC works with corporations of all sizes to build customized partnerships that allow them to give back to communities through:

  • Corporate Build Days
  • Financial support
  • NAA Tax Credit Program participation – Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County has been awarded $150,000 in tax credits this year (2017) that are available to almost any Connecticut-based corporation. In order to encourage contributions to Habitat CFC, the State of CT will offer 100% tax credits to corporations donating through this effort. It is very unusual for a non-profit organization to receive this level of support from the State through this Neighborhood Assistance program and is truly a testament to Habitat CFC’s great work and reputation.In order to take advantage of the program, while providing much needed support to Habitat CFC, companies just have to CLICK HERE, review the details and submit a simple online form. Once approved, the contribution can be made anytime throughout the calendar year.  PLEASE NOTE: interested companies have only three weeks in which to submit their forms once started.This program is really a great way for local businesses to provide needed and truly appreciated support to our organization while receiving some much needed tax relief, so please check it out!

In addition, your business will receive a wealth of benefits by being a Habitat CFC partner, including:

  • Public awareness and marketing campaigns
  • Tax deductions
  • Improved employee morale – Corporations and business-owners are recognizing more and more that one of the keys to finding and retaining the most valuable employees is by having a corporate social responsibility program.Today’s top-tier work force is socially savvy, and wants to be a part of an organization that is giving back. By investing resources in the world around you, your employees can be more invested in your corporate culture and want to play a larger role in its success.

    Partnering with Habitat CFC is an excellent way to promote your corporate social responsibility goals while making a lasting impact. We offer a variety of outlets for giving, and you and your employees can participate in helping to build safe, affordable homes while strengthening whole communities.

To see a list of our current supporters, please click here.

Interested in increasing employee satisfaction? Contact our office at 203-333-2642 or ebakos@habitatcfc.org.