A Message from our CEO…

Dear Friends,

There are thousands of homes in Coastal Fairfield County. Yet among all the apartments, townhouses, single and multi-family homes of all shapes and sizes located in our many cities and towns, some – 206 to be exact – stand out for one very special and unique reason.

These unusual homes may not look different when you drive by and their size and shape generally fit well among the other structures in the neighborhood. The foundations, wood, roof shingles, siding and other materials are all high quality, but not necessarily out of the ordinary. And yet – I can assure you that these homes truly are extraordinary. Perhaps you will look at them differently when I point out their unique nature. These special homes, constructed by Habitat CFC, were built with love.

What does this mean? To start with, it means that the bulk of their construction was done by volunteers, people like you and me with a desire to help others that often exceeds our building skills. Among those volunteers are the future homeowners – hard-working, local families striving for the dream of homeownership and more than willing to give 500 hours of their own sweat equity to make it happen. Along the way our homeowners got to know the volunteers, donors, staff and others who were there to help – and that’s where the love comes in.

By the time a Habitat CFC home is complete and the future owners are ready to purchase it, well below cost, with no down payment and a zero interest mortgage, the family has already felt what it is like to be supported by an entire community. They move in knowing that their new home is a testament to the generosity of Habitat CFC donors, the hard work of selfless volunteers, the support of a dedicated staff and the warm embrace of their welcoming neighbors. After a long process and a great deal of effort, our families are finally home – and they feel the love!

Please help us spread even more love this holiday season with a meaningful contribution to Habitat CFC. We believe that every family deserves a decent, affordable, stable place to call home. We have so many homes to build and it is your generosity that will make it possible.

Please join us. You, too, will feel the love!


Stuart Adelberg
Chief Executive Officer

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Future Habitat homeowners, the
Rosa family, are beaming with Love!

Candle Lighting at the home
dedication for the Maranon family.

Corporate Build Day volunteers
building homes with love.

Signing well wishes for a future
Habitat family on a beam for their
home at Habitat’s annual 5K Run.