Habitat CFC staff

Liz Kemp, Development Coordinator

LizWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – Seeing the excitement of a future homeowner when they’re first accepted into the program and knowing their lives will not be the same. Habitat CFC is a life changing experience.

Fun fact – I retired from cooking!!

Eileen Bakos, Director of Corporate & Volunteer Engagement

EileenWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – You meet the nicest people at Habitat. Every day I meet people who are here to give of themselves to make a family’s future better. How many people can say that about their jobs?

Fun fact – I worked on Michael Jackson’s first Pepsi Concert Tour! I can moon-walk and I’ve seen more than enough “Thriller.”

Kristen Alvanson, Director of Development and Communications

Kristen300x300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – One of the best feelings in the world is seeing a family finally move into their Habitat home. I always have tears in my eyes at the home dedication ceremony!

Fun fact – I love gardening and am working on creating a flower garden in my Bridgeport backyard.

Leonila Ayala, Family Services Coordinator

Leo 300x300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – For me it has been a great satisfaction to see how a dream that seems unreachable for many families becomes a reality. We have been able to help make it happen and one way or another I’ve been part of that. To see a smile on the face of a child, that is priceless.

Fun fact – A part of me will never grow up.

Frank Bakos, Project Manager

Frank001Why I love working for Habitat CFC – Handing the keys to a brand new Habitat homeowner…priceless!

Fun fact – I met my wife at Habitat.

Stuart Adelberg, CEO

stuart 300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – Because I believe that a warm, safe and secure place to call home is essential for a happy, healthy and successful life – and it’s my privilege to do whatever I can every single day to help make it happen for all.

Fun fact – I traveled the country as a song and dance man long before I learned about the need for affordable housing.

Dan Flynn, Director of Finance and Operations

dan lightened149x149Why I love working for Habitat CFC – I enjoy working with my colleagues, volunteers and families in building houses and forming communities.

Fun fact – Many summer weekends you can find me on the Connecticut Wine Trail.

Nereida De Lopez, Family Services Specialist


Why I love working for Habitat CFC – It’s an honor to work for Habitat and be part of huge team of dedicated, hardworking and committed individuals including the Habitat families.

Fun fact – I enjoy creating my jewelry, reading, dancing and listening to music.

Jacques Charles, Project Manager

JacquesWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – I came to Habitat because I wanted to give back to such a wonderful organization and help others achieve their goals to own a home. This way they can have a better life and a better future.

Fun fact – I am a Habitat homeowner.

Rich Desautels, ReStore Manager

RichWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – The faces of the homeowners.

Ada Lopez, ReStore Assistant Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

adaWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – Working for Habitat ReStore has been an amazing experience. I enjoy interacting with different kind of people, and being able to share ideas and be of good service to others. Working with my colleagues, volunteers, customers, and future homeowners has been a true Blessing.

Fun fact – I love going on vacation to the Caribbean Islands.

Alexis Dominquez, ReStore Assistant Manager

alex300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – Habitat is a good organization. It helps families get homes of their own. After the families complete their sweat equity hours, they are better equipped to maintain their new homes.

Fun fact – I spend my vacation time fixing up my home.

Maribel Sanabria, Family Services Manager

Maribel 300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – It is a humbling experience to help families achieve their most important goal of their lives; Homeownership.

Fun fact – I am the youngest of eleven children!

Angie Nista, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

angie300x300Why I love working for Habitat CFC – I enjoy being an integral part of helping to improve the lives of our Habitat families.

Chris Frattarola, Project Manager

Why I love working for Habitat CFC – I’m happy to put my skills to good use while doing good for the community and learning more myself. I’m also glad to be part of the Youth Build program and impart useful building skills to the young adults participating, so they will soon have marketable skills and be able to get jobs themselves.

Fun fact: My former professions include veterinarian technician and line cook at an Italian restaurant!

Debbie Lemmon, Financial Assistant

Deborah_LemmonWhy I love working for Habitat CFC – I love working for Habitat because when I mention Habitat the response that I receive is one of enthusiasm, pride and respect for what this organization accomplishes. Also, I get to hear many first hand experiences of volunteering on builds! 

Fun fact: I love to listen to podcasts and color.